This was beautiful in its honesty.

"Don’t we all, deep, deep down, doubt the reality of our finality?

Don’t we doubt the ways and means?

Don’t we doubt our capacity to die with grace, to tie up loose ends, to love our loved ones sufficiently and forgive our enemies authentically?

Envisioning my body dissolving in the forest focuses my attention on beautiful possibilities, while lightening the burdens of doubt and terror."

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Amy, I've lost several close friends in the last couple of years, but it's still not the same as thinking about my own mortality. Much food for thought in this post. SW

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Wow, Amy. And I thought I would just roll into Saturday with my head in the clouds. I have never heard of this before and it sounds like the way it should be. And never considered that our dead-selves were also part of the problem. That our carbon footprint miraculously evened itself out when we die. Not so. And with all this heady discussion, your recognition of the FORM made me laugh in the way only Amy Bernstein can. Here it is again...."That most mundane, tedious, bureaucratic act of all—completing a FORM—opens the portal to the MOST MOMENTOUS OCCASION of all, death."

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